Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow Makes Me Want Boots

What started out this morning as a drizzly rain has evolved into blanketing confection of fluffy snow here in the nation's capital. Snow here is not that common; snow that actually accumulates on cars and sidewalks is even more unusual. And I have to say that today my Converse Chucks just ain't working for me.

I need boots. More specifically, I need more cute boots that will both protect my feet and project my fashion sense in one tidy - preferably leather - package. Therefore today's very special Conspicuous Consumption Christmas Item of the Day is the Dolce Vita Kent Boot in Dark Yellow. (Really? Dark yellow? Not light brown? Really?) I like this color in particular because it tends to age well the more you wear it, especially in snow, for example. I'm definitely digging the worn in look this season.

And yes - I know - the boots are open on the side. But so much the better for showing off some cute patterned socks! (Try this pair from Urban.) I could see pairing with tights, too, so the buckles can receive their full appreciation. The boots are $179 but 25% off today, which might be just enough to get me to click "Purchase" today. Oh! And I forgot to mention that they're from a website that specialized in size 10 and up for women. How cool is that?


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