Friday, December 4, 2009


Just found out one of my favorite killing-time-when-I-should-be-working websites now has an eCommerce site. For those of us who came of age in the 1980's, awkward elementary school photos with unfortunate hairstyles were a rite of passage. So how great is it to wallow in the misery of other similar individuals online?

Awkward Family Photos allows me to do just that. I literally el-oh-el at images like the one at right, in which a (I think) Polish couple lovingly illustrates the age-old tradition of...the apple-ring exchange? A quick Google search (is there any other kind?) yields no results for "Polish wedding apple," so I can only assume with awkwardness is self inflicted.

The best part? Through the magic of Zazzle, I can now get this very image on a coffee mug or t-shirt of my choosing! Most excellent. Behold today's very special Conspicuous Consumption Christmas Item of the Day.

I think I should wish to place "Agnieszka i Daniel" on a brown women's tee, just 'cause I believe the dark color would offset the apple's vibrant, dewy skin juuuuust right.

Also, I'm really craving a Jonagold right now. Just sayin'.


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