Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Yes, I have two cats. Yes, I live alone in a basement. No, I'm not like the crazy cat lady on the Simpson's, although I find her to be quite amusing when she makes an appearance. That being said, I get no end of grief when it comes to matters feline.

So what if the only picture on my desk is of Harry (male tabby) and that he has a custom Christmas sock? How else will Santa Paws deliver his kitteh treats?

So, despite, the obvious insults that could be hurled my way, I occasionally find a cat-themed item to be quite adorable. I just received my United Bamboo Cat Calendar in the mail and it's fabulous. And who could deny the cuteness of this Marc by Marc Jacobs Paisley Cat Tote? Only a cold-hearted unfeeling cat-hater, that's who.

And it's really only a cat in the abstract, right? Nobody *really* has a pink and purple and orange cat. So it's stylized and therefore sartorially acceptable, in my humble opinion. And at $90 (marked down from $128), it's a veritable bargain by Marc Jacobs standards. So I'll happily make it to my very special Conspicuous Consumption Christmas Item of the Day. Mee-yow!


marlie1971 on December 9, 2009 at 8:45 AM said...

Can I leave a comment ? I don't know.
Cute kitty bag :)

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