Thursday, December 10, 2009

Time Flies...Sorta

Is there no end to my insatiable search for cool stuff in my apartment?  I think not.  When you have a space as small as mine (maybe 600 sq ft?), every inch is precious, every nook and cranny an opportunity to DO something interesting, every unused piece of wall just a nail away from being a miniature art gallery.  I love interesting objects; even more than that I love well-designed interesting objects.  Something can't just be "cute" or "fun" - it had better serve a higher purpose in furthering my attempts to curate a livable, aesthetically pleasing place in which to dwell.

This lifestyle does not come cheap.  I could probably have a down payment on a house for all the Swedish stoneware and steel, mid-century modern seating, and candelabras (7 and counting) I collect.  But I'm okay with that.  And sometimes something comes along that I HAVE TO HAVE.  Like, no discussion needed.  Even if that item is technically still a prototype and available for purchase exactly nowhere.

As in the Switchital clock by Pugin Design.  Check this: the numbers are comprised of magnetic bars that - like the mustachioed bald guy in the plastic and cardboard toy we all had as kids - magically move with the use of magnetic pull behind the scenes.  The minutes move, literally, before your very eyes.  I can't.  Stop.  Watching.  Seriously, if I had this clock on my desk or next to my bed, I'd never get anything done, nor would I fall asleep.  How could you miss a single minute going by?!

Unfortunately, this clock is still in the design phase, so adding it to my very special Conspicuous Consumption Christmas Item of the Day list is quite impossible.  But a girl can dream.  That is, if she's not constantly watching the clock.


carissajaded on December 10, 2009 at 11:21 AM said...

ohhhh I loovevvee that! That could definitely be a VERY bad thing for my add. But it is badass...

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