Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Burnin' Up

How did I ever do it? How did I ever spend the hottest summer months wearing a 60 pound drum for three hours a day in the blistering sun? How did I ever spend two early fall months wearing the same drum in a fully lined wool/polyester long-sleeve, full-length pants uniform? How did I ever do it?

In the following years, I lived in a 19th-century dorm room, a second-floor walk-up, a post-war low-rise, and a 1920s bungalow...none of which had air conditioning. In fact, for only one year did I enjoy the benefits of central air, when I lived in a converted harness factory loft. And even then, it often felt like the coolness hovered in the upper two feet of the fourteen-foot ceilings.

Now, having inhabited a lovely subterranean dwelling, replete with central A/C, I find myself a hot mess - literally - when I leave the house and must face the not-even sweltering heat and humidity of a DC summer. In short, I've become soft. I've lost my advantage in the war against Summer. Summer heat >= moi.

I've read about people giving up their A/C for environmental or bedgetary reason, but how could I? I'm SO HOT when I get home. How would I ever cool down? This vicious cycle has no apparent end, and for that I am concerned. Move to a cooler clime? Open the window (yeah, there's only one), turn on the fan, and hope for the best? Become like one of those creepy old dudes on the bus with a towel around his neck? Yeesh! I don't like my options.

It seems that some people flit through summer with nary a care: Button down suits! Black sweaters! Long hair worn flowing! I, however, am not one of those people. Not anymore. Hey, Canada! You got room for one more? I might be on my way...


marlie1971 on August 12, 2009 at 3:51 PM said...

You were very hot during band season !
Had your hormone levels checked ? ha
You are taking after AN....

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