Friday, April 10, 2009

Take the Subway to Small Pants

Put on my pants today, just like any other day: one leg at a time. Only something was different. My pants were...looser. What?!


Get out.

I've been working out and eating healthy (-ish) for just a week. Is it possible that - just like on those reality shows with morbidly obese people - the first week is filled with wonderful weight loss surprises? Just like that?

It wasn't my imagination. They really were looser. I had to keep pulling them up all day. The hem was dragging the floor. And I had been eating $5 Footlongs all week. Just like Jared.

Okay, first thoughts: don't take this for granted and don't sabotage it. Meaning...this initial feeling of euphoria will probably be filled with many feelings of frustration, and one day of loose pants does not an evening of pizza consumption excuse.

But just for now, just for today, I'm going to enjoy these loose pants. I've worked hard for them.


Anonymous said...

Try to avoid the "reward" syndrome. Just because you do well for a week doesn't mean you should reward yourself by eating cake that night. Reward yourself by eating something healthy and going for a walk.

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