Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm so vain...

Okay, let's be brutally honest here: eating healthier and working out are great for the body and mind. But what about my wardrobe? I won't lie: I want to lose weight to fit into my designer clothes. After reading a brilliant article by British writer Tanya Gold in the Mail Online (don't judge) last May, I've become somewhat obsessed with how designers treat larger women. And I'm not talking about models and eating disorders and all that jazz, but rather the size-12 and up market for those of us who have the bucks to spend but nowhere to spend them.

Apparently the plus-size clothing market has seen twice the decrease in sales as compared to women's apparel (10 versus 5 percent), which is a bit quixotic in a recession. Or is it? Obese women - on average - earn $2.64 per hour less than their average-size colleagues. Cutting back on clothing, therefore, makes sense.

I, however, have never stopped loving clothes, regardless of my size. But I'm really starting to miss out on the great pieces lying fallow in my color-coded closet. Where have you been, Balenciaga? You've left me jilted, Jil Sander. Dries van Noten's just draped over the hanger. Moschino and Miu Miu...I've missed you. If no single other thing keeps me eating healthy and walking that mile to the Metro, then let it be vanity.

Even in this time of recession fashion and cutting back, the words of George Hamilton in Zorro, the Gay Blade: "Remember, my people, there is no shame in being pooronly in dressing poorly."


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